The VAO axial fans with adjustable pitch blades are specially designed for application where large air volumes with comparatively low pressure are required, as for instance in large air conditioning systems, industrial ventilation,ship and mine ventilation, vapour and fume exhaust , evaporative cooling towers, air cooled, heat exchangers etc.Usual design conditions are:

- capacities up to 1.600.000 m3/h- static pressure up to 200 mmH2O- installed power up to 650 kWAxial fans VAO can reach static efficiency up to 70%.

Due to adjustable fan blades pitch, the performance can be changed to meet actual system requirements at minimal cost.The blades have a wing section rationally designed in order to obtain highest performance with reduced noise (especially at high frequencies) and a consequent reduction of the piercing tones.Maximum temperature of continuously operating (impeller only) is 150 °C.The casing are protected by hot dip galvanisation in accordance with UNI 5744-66.

Heavy steel plate, scroll and base construction provide the required performance and rigidity and prevents vibrations.The fan performances are obtained by testing the fan in accordance with AMCA 210-85 fig.7 and AMCA 210-85 fig.16The wheels are statically and electronic balanced with electronic equipment in accordance with ISO N° 1940 class 2.5.