Fan for the Cement industry

Cement and concrete industries.

High efficiency fans:

- for fluids with high dusts concentration, with radial tip blades
- high temperature exhausters
- extended range of flow rate and pressure
- multi-stage blowers or turbofan for high pressure solutions
- designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with international codes and standards
- coupled to high efficiency electric motors and / or steam turbines
- customized with a wide range of accessories according to customer requirements



Case Study

Location ITALY
Year 2004
Fan type / Arrangement TR 445
Quantity 1
Flow Rate (m3/h) 220.000
Pressure (mmwg) 250
Temperature (°C) 35
Rotational Speed (rpm) 1660
Installed Power (kW) 250
Applicable Code and Stadards A.S. std / Client spec.