Project: Lake Mead / Water supply Las Vegas, USA

Submersible motor pumps for water supply

Quantity 3 motor pumps

Pump type 6760/3 (HDM)

Motor type 13H1298/2500/6F

Capacity [Q] 5.200 m³/h

Head [H] 136 m

Power [P] 2.500 kW

Voltage 13.000 Volt

Speed 1.180 rpm

Slurry Pumps

Case Study

Pumps for the Water & Waste Water industry

Are you responsible for water resources management or waste water disposal? Are you a project manager of a large infrastructure project for irrigation, desalination, drinking water and industrial water supplies or for flood protection? For decades, the reliability of ANDRITZ pumps has made them the first choice for water and waste water applications.

ANDRITZ offers standard and custom-tailored pumps for various water processes and waste water applications.

Water & Waste Water

Slurry Pumps for Waste Water Industry

Critical for the functioning of society today, water and sewage treatment requires durable technology to enable safe, reliable draining and pumping of water and waste.

We offer a range of high performance pumps for these applications.  Whether you require treatment for ground water or surface water, we aim to provide products that achieve maximum efficiency throughout the treatment process.

Our heavy duty sludge pumps are commonly chosen for the handling of raw sewage and sludge pumping. Our products are durable and designed to resist corrosion and abrasion.

Reduce downtime and maintenance

We offer excellent service, advice and technology so that you can rest assured you have a partner to rely on.