Unique cooling flow field for silence and efficiency 

SA Series Screw Air Compressor (Standard-premium series)

The Fusheng SA series compressors are built with advanced patented helical teeth rotors and delicately processed one-piece casings. These rotary screw air compressors use premium technology to run efficiently and at low cost. They run on 5.5 kW to 220 kW of horsepower, have discharge volumes between 0.85m3/min and 42.0m3/min (operating pressure 7.0kg/cm2G), and meet the international energy efficiency standards. The well-balanced, low vibration, quiet, and overall ergonomic designs enable easy maintenance and space planning, featuring the advanced and thoughtful design of the high-efficiency flow field in the cooling channel and high-precision oil filter. The screw air compressor comes with an intelligent human-machine interface control system and a computerized self-diagnostic safety feature. It is an industrial grade compressor designed for wide industrial applications.The Fusheng SA PLUS series is verified by TUV Rheinland, a third-party testing laboratory.