SWT II VSD AIR Cooling Parameters

SWT II VSD Water Cooling Parameters

SWT II Constant Frequency Water Cooling

SWT II VSD Water Cooling Parameters

Oil Free Screw Compressor

SWT II Series (Oil-Free Screw Compressor)

The SWT oil-free screw compressor series works on a dry compression principle and no lubricating oils are required throughout the entire compression process. The series is ISO8573.1 Class 0 certified and supplies 100% oil-free compressed air. It is designed with a sophisticated processing rotor, gear drive, and a reliable seal combination to provide high quality compressed air. It has long lifespan and a wide scope of applications. The unit is CAD integrated, designed, and made; it employs advanced patented VDT dew point control to monitor the temperature and humidity of the compressed air and to enhance compression efficiency. The drawer-type design enables easy maintenance and repair. The SWT110 to SWT375 compressors are designed to run on operating pressure ranging from 7.0 to 10.0kg/cm2G and are complete with water-cooling models. The discharge volume ranges from 18.7m3/min to 71.2m3/min to supply 100% oil-free clean compressed air.